Established in 2009 on the eastern edge of San Francisco's Castro District, Unionmade has been offering some of the best-made, hard-to-find, wardrobe-elevating menswear on the market ever since. Proudly featuring brands from the US, Japan, Italy, France, Scandinavia and more, we take the utmost pride in our stock list, which is carefully curated to ensure that it reflects the values we hold most dear. And those values are the driving force behind every brand we carry.  We we wouldn't offer you anything we wouldn't want to wear ourselves, and whatever we're wearing has to be well-made, has to look good in more than just one setting, and it should last a long time. Preferably a really long time. Because, you see, we don't just want to simply sell you clothes. We want you to love the clothes we sell you. We want you to ask questions about the makers, become familiar with their stories and, most importantly, we want you to feel special, because the clothes certainly are.  

At Unionmade, we don’t want to define your personal style, we want to help you arrive at that comfortable place on your own. We want you to appreciate the union of function and aesthetics, the importance of craft and the inimitability of genuine care.   Since our founding, we've been located at the corner of 18th and Sanchez St., in a pre-1906 Earthquake Victorian, and in the last seven years, we've added two more locations: one at Larkspur Landing in Marin, and our sister store, Unionmade Women, which is just down the block at 4035 18th St. Voted one of the country's 10 best independent men's stores by GQ Magazine and San Francisco's Best Men's Store by SF Weekly, we've long been known for our outstanding selection of men's clothing, shoes, print and grooming products.

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