Monitaly revitalizes classic American silhouettes through designer Yuki Matsuda’s unique vision. Standing on the shoulders of clothing artisans from the American past, they value heritage, but understand that in order to break boundaries, one can't play by the rules of tradition. Their fresh and exceptionally well-crafted garments blend sophisticated detailing with astute attention to fitting; proof that American craftsmanship mixed with worldly style lives on.
Monitaly - Triple Needle Shirt in Vancloth KhakiMonitalyTriple Needle Shirt in Vancloth Khaki
Monitaly - Hooded Invert Pullover in Vancloth KhakiMonitalyHooded Invert Pullover in Vancloth Khaki
Monitaly - Linen Vacation Shirt in NaturalMonitalyLinen Vacation Shirt in Natural