Work, sports, military, American traditional, Harris tweed, 60/40 cloth, Shetland sweaters and Tartan plaids... Tokyo based Beams utilizes a strong knowledge and appreciation for authentic standards and American style hallmarks in the creation of their Beams+ collection. Since 1999, from a small store in Harajuku, Beams has built a brand that reaches beyond clothing, to include interior design, music and art. The emphasis has always been on contemporary interpretations of timeless, traditional American style.
Beams+ - Garment Dye Short in NavyBeams+Garment Dye Short in Navy
Beams+ - Linen Pleated Short in BeigeBeams+Linen Pleated Short in Beige
Beams+ - Linen Pleated Short in OliveBeams+Linen Pleated Short in Olive