The Barena collection is inspired by the distinctive dress code created by the people who lived the territory of the Venetian lagoon between the land and water. In the past, people in the baro traditionally wore versatile and functional clothing since they were farmers, hunters and fishermen. Many of the garments in the collection are reinterpretations of unique pieces found in museums, antique markets or books that portray old images. In fact, many of the wools specifically reproduced for the Barena collection come from the archives of the most prestigious mills in Veneto, which themselves are no longer in activity. Specific focus is given to construction details, making the garments unique in their simplicity.
Barena - Pavan Livenza Popover in RoyBarenaPavan Livenza Popover in Roy
Barena - Bartana Varotto Short Sleeve Shirt in KhakiBarenaBartana Varotto Short Sleeve Shirt in Khaki
Barena - Pioppa Telino Popover Shirt in CannellaBarenaPioppa Telino Popover Shirt in Cannella